About Us

ORGANIC Rinklin winery

Friedhelm Rinklin

Winemaker, business economist and head of the house

He is responsible for operations, the vineyards and the cellar. What is important to him is ecological farming and the careful use of resources.

Anne Rinklin

Moved from the north to the south for work and love

As a trained agricultural engineer, the boss may not have been familiar with viticulture from an early age, but she has known all the details of the business over the years. Preferred areas of application include shipping, looking after holiday apartments and working in the vineyards.

Matheo Rinklin

The eldest son of the family

Has completed his training in several areas of the wine industry since 2021. Since then he has been actively involved and continues to bring new ideas.

He enjoys spending his free time doing seasonal sports in the fresh air.

Consistently ecological

Discover our organic wines

Pure nature in the vineyard!

Discover our organic wines

Pure nature in the basement!

Discover our organic wines

Pure nature from the kettle

Spirits from the distillery